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European Issues

Europe has a full-fledged energy crisis on its hands. Consequently, liquified natural gas prices are soaring and have increased over 7 times from a year ago.

New Greek Visualization Features

Premium members can visualize how greeks evolve over time, with volatility changes, and with underlying price changes.

Risk Management for Dummies

Numerous studies have come to the same conclusion: you can't time the market. You might be able to every now and then, but it's extremely rare to beat the market consistently and in the long term.

Beware of the "It's Cheap!" Trap

At one point in my career, I was the risk manager for an absolute return hedge fund. For those of you who aren't hip to cool kid hedge fund lingo...

Tales from the Crypt

This week, I thought I would check in on some stocks that I have reported on previously, as well as one newcomer. I warn you now, it's a depressing bunch...

Inflation: Not So Fast!

It's unanimous: inflation is going nuts and is the highest it's been since the 70's! Most people can't relate to this since they weren't even alive in the 70s...

Event Options: Viva Las Vegas!

If you're familiar with sports betting, you will be very comfortable with Event Options. Here's how they work.

The Dollar, Again

As I wrote last week, the dollar continues to be the king of the FX forest and has soared to roughly 20-year highs against the Euro and Japanese Yen.

All Hail the Dollar!

With all the news about inflation and gas prices and various other depressing news, the incredibly high value of the dollar has largely flown under the radar.

Visiting Some Old Friends

Some of my previous blogs focused on the so-called Covid Darlings, the stocks that benefited from Covid, but are now subject to extreme selling pressure.

ARK Just Ain't What It Used to Be

Cathie Wood's ARK Innovation ETF skyrocketed to mass popularity when it delivered a solid 35.7% return in 2019 and then followed up with an eyepopping 156.6% in 2020.

Trees Don't Grow to the Sky!

Last week, I attended a derivatives conference in Las Vegas (Quants in Vegas, an interesting combination). Like all conferences, it was a chance to see and be seen and to check out what everybody else is thinking.

Crypto Shenanigans

As you know, lately I have been writing about cryptocurrencies and how they have not been acting as advertised (to say the least).


Last weekend, a horse aptly named Rich Strike won the Kentucky Derby. Believe it or not, he was an 80-1 long shot.

Apocalypse Now?

This week, the tone of the markets took on a decidedly apocalyptic tone. Inflation, war, interest rates, Covid, stagflation…the list goes on and on. I

Covid is Over?

Apparently, a federal judge in Florida has decided for all of us that the pandemic is officially over.

Pay Attention to Nickel!

Imagine that one day you're trading away in a pretty quiet stock and all of sudden it goes up 66% one day and then doubles the next over the course of 18 minutes.

Ceasefire Ruminations

You can’t get much more uncertain than how the Russian/Ukraine situation will ultimately turn out.

Geopolitical Shocks Are Not That Shocking!

I fully believe that financial history doesn't really repeat itself, it just kind of rhymes with what we've seen before. In other words, reminiscent, but not a replay, a sequel if you will.

Options Calculator Improvements

Today we are launching a series of improvements to our options profit calculator product known as the strategy builder.

Covid Volatility

The bull market party has been going on since roughly 2009 (and who would have predicted that at the very bottom of the...

Introducing the Options Optimizer

The new options optimizer allows you to easily search though thousands of trades to find the strategies with the maximum return or chance of profit.