About Us

Welcome to OptionStrat, the leading options research tool for traders of all levels. Our mission is to help you become a more informed and profitable trader by providing you with tools to make data-driven decisions.

At OptionStrat, we understand how challenging it can be to navigate the complex world of options trading. That’s why we created our platform - to help you trade with confidence. With our three powerful tools, the strategy builder, strategy optimizer, and unusual options flow, we make it easier for traders to find the best strategies that fit their goals.

What we value


It's knowing how to get there and then showing others how to get there too.

Learning is the path to wisdom and wisdom is where the answers lie. A true master of the trade is one who pursues the principles and experiences accumulated by those who came before. We are working to help members grow their portfolio and grow as an expert trader who can read the market, derive insights, and strategize with a high probability of success.


Reducing the complexities of the market to principles you can grasp and tech you can use.

When developing any tool, every app feature, we strive to make every part of options trading less convoluted than how we found it in the beginning. It's why we are big on visualizations that make learning more intuitive and why we work hard to make our our tutorials straightforward, and our technology intuitive. We believe it's the best way for learning and making smart and calculated moves.


There are no shortcuts to success. Stay away from anyone who promises otherwise.

We believe you must invest your time before you invest your money. Because at the end of the day, you get what you put in. We designed OptionStrat as a learning experience that lets members spend time with the different tools, practice, and perfect their craft. Because the wisdom that comes from trying, failing, learning, and improving is priceless.


Collective intelligence is real. We love to see it in action.

The power of a strong community cannot by overstressed. Plant yourself in an environment where other traders share their experience, including mistakes and successes, where the excitement of the market becomes infectious, and where you can grow and learn the most. We welcome you to join our Discord community chat and watch our weekly trade idea videos.

Our Story

Our founder, Heath Milligan, is an experienced software developer, trader and startup founder. He started OptionStrat with the goal of helping traders to better understand options using visual learning.

“By using interactive visualizations, we can make the theory behind options “click” for you”

- Heath Milligan, OptionStrat Founder

We believe that trading is an art that improves as you learn to master the fine nuances of the market. There are no shortcuts to becoming a great trader, which is why we built an ever-growing arsenal of educational resources, including comprehensive tutorials, tips throughout the site, and helpful weekly posts and videos.

OptionStrat grows options traders with 3 powerful tools

Strategy Builder

The strategy builder offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that helps you to quickly design option strategies and calculate their potential profits. You can see how the strategy will perform in the future under a variety of conditions.

Strategy Optimizer

With the strategy optimizer, you can find the best trade ideas automatically by simply entering your target price. OptionStrat will look through thousands of potential trades to find the most profitable options, all while taking into consideration your selected risk tolerance.

Unusual Options Flow

Our unusual options flow tool scans every trade being made to find the largest and most unusual trades. This allows you to see into the market and view actual trades that are being made by institutions and other smart money.

We encourage you to get in touch with questions or suggestions.

Our platform is always evolving thanks to your feedback.