Next Generation Options Flow Detection is Here

Hey traders,

We’re excited to share some important improvements to the OptionStrat flow platform. OptionStrat flow consolidates large and unusual trades into the actual strategies that traders and institutions are making. With this week’s updates, our flow algorithm has gotten even better.

Next Gen Flow Screenshot

Multi-Expiration Flow Detection:

Previously, multi-expiration flow was something you’d only see with block trades. These trades are rare, which makes it easier to detect complex orders. Our improved algorithm now detects these flows across a broader range of trades, not just the large block orders. This means strategies like calendar spreads and diagonal spreads are now visible across the entire market.

This is crucial because it opens up a whole new layer of understanding about how traders are positioning themselves with more complex trades, offering you a clearer picture of market sentiment.

Unbalanced Spreads Detection:

We’ve also stepped up our game with the detection of complex strategies like unbalanced spreads, including ratio spreads and butterflies. Ratio spreads, for instance, involve buying a certain number of options and selling a different number of options at a different strike price. These can be tricky to spot, but our algorithm now nails it. Similarly, butterfly spreads, which involve buying and selling multiple options at different strike prices, are now easier to track.

Why This Matters:

These updates mean you can uncover more of the market than ever before. You’ll have access to detailed insights that no other software can provide, and at a price point that’s lower than competitors who only offer single-leg detection.

In simple terms, we’re giving you the tools to see the market in ways you couldn’t before. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just getting started, these improvements will help you make more informed decisions.

Happy trading!