How I just entered a LIVE No Lose Trade!

Video description: NOTICE: CAVEAT TO THIS TRADE! After I shared this trade, My broker TDA/Schwab has started charging a sizable SHORT FEE IF I were to be assigned short shares on this stock - so my goal will certainly be to close this around a week before expiration to reduce (but not eliminate) my chances of being assigned IF DJT is above the short call strikes. I have done some previous videos on this - but never totally showed I had done it, so in this video I am actually showing the process I used to enter this LIVE TRADE. This is NOT A TRADE RECOMMENDATION! But this is a LIVE TRADE demonstration on how you can sometimes "Game the System" in your favor if you know how to do it. Here is the trade link with my actual fill prices included: Here is the link to the "Assignment Video" I mentioned in this video as well: