NVDA Juicing the Trade!

Video description: Here is the OS Trade Link: https://optionstrat.com/ahARGdSR29E7 Hey options traders, Steve Ganz here! In this video, I break down the exact steps I took to achieve a 47% gain in just 7 days with my NVIDIA trade. This trade is part of my Start to Finish series, where I reveal the secrets behind my successful trades. I initially opened this as a bull put spread, and with NVIDIA's recent breakout to new highs, I'm making some strategic adjustments to juice this trade even further! 🔍 Want to know how I turned a potential $1,600 loss into a $1,800 profit? Watch as I walk you through my thought process, including adding a call spread to create an iron condor strategy. I'll show you how I manage risk, read market trends, and make data-driven decisions. 💥 Click the link to open the trade in OptionStrat: https://optionstrat.com/ahARGdSR29E7 #steveganz #SJGtrades #options #optionstrading #SPX #incometrading #butterflytrade #ironcondor #tradingstrategy #technicalanalysis #marketanalysis #riskmanagement #tradingpsychology #volatilitytrading #optionseducation 🔔 Like, subscribe, and drop a comment if you have any questions or thoughts! Happy trading! 💹