How to Use OptionStrat:

Learn how to use OptionStrat effectively, these tutorials walk you through how to use each feature of OptionStrat.

Options Builder Tutorial

The options builder is OptionStrat's flagship product, bringing a new take on calculating option profits in a more visual way. Use the builder to visualize the expected profit or loss of over 50 pre-made strategies. Or, create your own strategy by selecting various option strikes and expirations.

Strategy Optimizer Tutorial

Use the options optimizer to find the best trades for a given target price and date. The strategies are ranked by best return or best chance of profit (or somewhere in between). This tool also helps you understand how the risk vs. reward works for various strategies.

Unusual Options Flow Tutorial

Follow the smart money, find new opportunities, and confirm your entry by watching large and unusual trades as they are made. Our options flow uncovers complex trades you can't find anywhere else.

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Weekly Trade Videos:

Watch on YouTube

Check out our YouTube channel for weekly trade ideas and trade tips. Our host, Steve Ganz, has over 30 years of trading experience. Follow along and learn how to trade options like a pro to make steady income without taking unnecessary risks.

Daily Tips:

OptionStrat shows daily tips for each of our tools. Use these to discover the best tricks for using OptionStrat effectively. See our tips page to view all tips and disable or enable daily tips.