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Basic access to the profit calculator, strategy optimizer, and options flow.

Delayed prices
All data is delayed by 15 minutes.
Limited options flow
The unusual options feed only shows some alerts.
Basic features
Advanced features for each tool are not included.

Live Option Tools


Unlock all features of the profit calculator and optimizer.

Current prices
Live stock and option prices.
Market events & news
See market events that may affect your trade, including news, earnings, split, and ex-dividend dates.
Volume overlay
Volume chart showing the most active strikes for calls and puts.
Chance of profit
View the chance of profit and probability distribution in the optimizer and visualizer.
Net greeks
See the combined greeks for multi-leg strategies.
Saved strategy tracking
See the high, low, and historical graph of each of your saved strategies.
Discord chat
Access to our private Discord chat group of other members.

Live Option Flow


Unlock all features of our unusual options flow.

Real-time options flow
See large and unusual trades being made in real time.
Saved filters
Save custom filters to highlight trades that match your criteria.
Enable mobile and web alerts when trades match your custom filters.
Performance tracking
See the high, low, current value, and graph of each alert.
Historical searching
Search through past flow from previous days.
All option tool features
Includes everything from the previous plan!

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Note: Live data is only available to individual and non-professional users. Professional investment advisors, SEC/FINRA registered persons, etc. are unable receive live data due to the licensing costs required for professional use. However, they will still be able to access the other paid features. Learn more