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Strategy Optimizer

Automatically calculate the best strategies given a target price and expiration date.

The options optimizer will search through thousands of potential trades to find which strategies maximize returns or chance of profit (or somewhere in between).

Market Events

The profit table shows market events that might affect your trade:

  • Earning dates and times
  • Ex-dividend dates
  • Split dates

Volume Overlay

See the most active strikes for calls and puts so that you can find the options with highest liquidity.

Share and Save Trades

Click the share button to save your trade (and generate a unique link you can share).

Saved trades will show the profit or loss generated since creation.

Pre-Made and Custom Strategies

Nearly any strategy can be created, including strategies with underlying stocks like covered calls, or multiple expirations such as double diagonals.

Over 50 strategy templates are available to choose from, each with a handy setup chart and description.

Intuitive UI

Stop scrolling through lengthy option chains - our UI makes it easy to find an option instantly by clicking or scrolling to the desired expiration and strike price.