OptionStrat Beta Launch

As of today OptionStrat is now available to the public! Thank you to the pre-beta testers who helped provide valuable feedback.

OptionStrat is a tool for creating and visualizing option trades on U.S. stocks. It can calculate the potential profit and loss of various strategies to help you understand how options evolve over time. It started out as a personal project of mine to find trades easier, and has evolved into something bigger when I realized the potential.

At launch, OptionStrat has 55 pre-made strategies to save you time and hopefully help you learn more. I certainly learned a ton from building OptionStrat, and I want to make learning about options in an intuitive and visual way a goal for this project.

There’s much more to come in the next few months, including live data which is currently being tested. If you have any suggestions for how OptionStrat could be improved, or if you run into any bugs, please let me know! Just email [email protected]. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback.


Founder, OptionStrat